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RADA 2017

The Radi program

Friday, September 29, 2017

4:00 Arrival - access to rooms

5:00 - 7:00 Registration

6:00-7:00    Gentle Yoga Relaxation/Meditation Class - Mainhouse Library - OPTIONAL

7:00-8:30 Dinner (Available during this time)

8:30 Fire

Saturday, September 30, 2017

7:30-9:00     Optional Guided Hiking 

8:00-9:00     Optional Yoga Class -Veselka Hall

8:00–9:30 Breakfast (available) - in full uniforms

9:30–9:50 Opening; Acceptance of Candidates; Shared Photo

10:00-12:00 Meeting order

1.    Selection of an attendant and scribe of meetings

2.    Voting on the order of meetings

3.    Approval of the minutes from the previous council

4.    Notes on reports

·   Hurtkovi - Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey

·   Committee of the Primary Camp

·   Equestrian Camp Committee

·   Committee of the Council

·   VFW Committee

·   Ecology Committee

·   Referent of Senior Affairs

·   Referent of Zv'zki USP Spartanok

·   Report of the Correspondence Clerk

·   Treasurer's report

·   Report of the Candidate Referee

·   Deputy Kurinnaya's report

·   Kurinnaya's report

5. Granting absolution to the chicken wire

- Report of the Nomination Committee

- Results of district re-elections (posts that were elected before the council)

- Selection of new members and heads of committees

12:00 – 2:00 Lunch (working lunch during meetings)

6.    Committees (Consideration)

7.    Charter - Customs - Property

8.    Raising the Senior Degrees of Spartan Women

9.    KPZyezd on October 21-22 in Soyuzivka

10.    "Gear" spartans (car magnets, eyelets)

11.    Rada 2018

12.    Various

2:00 Closing of the Council in full layer uniforms


SPARTANTKY RADA 2017 (September 29th - 30th)



Room check in available as of Friday 4 pm. 

Rada registration from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm.  Anyone arriving after 7:00 pm please check in at dinner. 


FRIDAY VATRA: Please bring comfortable seating for vatra (will be held outside weather permitting) as well as a flashlight.


SNACKS & BEVERAGES: Soyuzivka is providing us with Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast and lunch.  Outside of that, please bring your own snacks & beverages of choice for all other times during our stay.


YOGA MATS and REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES: For those of you participating in the optional health & wellness activities, please bring your own yoga mats & reusable water bottles. 

Spartanky Plast sorority meets for annual conference

DECEMBER 15, 2017 11:55 AM



Spartanky Sorority at their conference at Soyuzivka Heritage Center.

Spartanky-Rada-2017 (1).jpg

Spartanky Sorority at their conference at Soyuzivka Heritage Center.

KERHONKSON, N.Y. – Members of the senior Plast sorority Spartanky met for their annual retreat and conference on September 29-3 at the Soyuzivka Heritage Center in Kerhonkson, N.Y.

Thirty-nine members from the tri-state and Philadelphia areas reunited at the annual conference to refresh their commitment to Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization, review the sorority members’ accomplishments of the past year, and plan another year of actively supporting the goals of the parent Plast organization.

The attendees were fortunate to enjoy delightfully warm fall weather and participated in several of the Autumn Wild Mushroom Retreat activities, including a yoga class on Friday night.

The conference officially began on Friday night with a sumptuous multi-course dinner created by chef Andrey Sonevytsky that featured farm-to-table seasonal fare with a focus on using mushrooms as an ingredient. Afterwards the conferees took part in a traditional campfire with a program of skits that, under the theme of “Health and Longevity,” poked fun at the foibles of aging gracefully (or not). The jokes and skits continued late into the evening to everyone’s delight.

The serious planning stage of the conference took place on Saturday. Roksolana Kyzyk and Ariadna Holynsky, both from New Jersey, were enthusiastically inducted into the sorority as full members after their one-year terms as candidates. As candidates, they had organized St. Andrew’s Eve (Andriyivskiy Vechir) activities for Plast scouts. A new member, Marianka Hawryluk of Kerhonkson, was warmly welcomed into the sorority as a candidate.

During the formal deliberations, the sorority members reviewed their major projects from the previous year: Beginners’ Camp at East Chatham, N.Y.; testing of older campers for Plast physical fitness badge requirements; and the Ecology Committee’s clean-up of a heavily used trail at the camp in East Chatham during the summer.

In addition, local chapters organized several events, including a winter outing where cub scouts could complete merit badges in snow sports, a traditional St. Andrew’s Eve for teen scouts, as well as a Christmas party for senior Plast members in New Jersey.

The previous year’s board was re-elected unanimously: Zezia Zawadiwsky, president; Anita Roik, vice-president; Lesia Magun, treasurer, Teresa Kuritza, recording secretary; Irka Sawchyn Doll, press secretary; Chrystia Centore, chronicler; Chrystia Iwanik and Lesia Palylyk, candidates’ liaison; and Margareta Nycz, flag-bearer.

The new chapter leaders are: Roma Maksymowych and Darka Patti in New Jersey, Chrystia Iwanik in New York/ New England and Marusia Kolodij in Philadelphia.

Everyone left the conference refreshed and uplifted by the wonderful feeling of fellowship and union. The next conference is already being planned for 2018 by the New York/ New England chapter. For further information about the Spartanky sorority, readers may contact Ms. Iwanik at

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