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Regina Mykel

September 20, 2014


Vera Gorlof

September 13, 2014

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Regina Mykel

Regina Djatschenko Michel, age 51, passed away on March 25, 2012 at home, after a long and brave battle with brain cancer.

She was born in Passaic, NJ, attended catholic schools, and earned a BSN degree from Felician College in Lodi, NJ. She worked as a nurse for the Mountain Lakes Board of Education, including the Lake Drive School for the Hearing Impaired for 5 years. She was a long time member of Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization and the kurin Spartanky. For approximately a decade, she served as the Infirmary Nurse during summer camps at Vovcha Tropa. 

Regina had an incredible zest for life. She was funny, intuitive, and down to earth. She was as far away from a phony as one could be, and she rarely got intimidated. She saw things through a rainbow lens of color and dressed herself and her family accordingly. She loved being at Vovcha Tropa, which inspired her deeply. She coined such unforgettable phrases as “Chatham Chatter” and shpytalyk “Frequent Flyers”, to share a few.  

Two additional fun facts:

·   After well over a decade of not seeing each other, Regina was the nurse on duty and helped deliver Darka Halaburda Patti’s daughter, Laryssa. Regina and Darka were in the same Plast hurtok growing up.  

·   John and Regina were a little late getting to the hospital when Regina went into labor with her son, Orest. He was delivered by a police officer on Route 10 in Randolph, NJ.

Regina is survived by her husband, John,  four children -- Justina, Orest, Taissa and Avalina – her mother, Hedwig Dyachenko, brother Walter and sister Lydia. Before her death, she requested that any donation in her memory be made to her beloved Vovcha Tropa. Today, a beautiful gazebo commemorates her long term commitment to the children of Vovcha. During camp season, it is consistently filled with children laughing, singing, or working on crafts.

Vichnaya Pamiat, Regina.

Vera Gorlof

Vera (nee Voitovitch) Gorloff, DMD, 46, of Wyckoff, NJ passed away Thursday, July 24, 2014 at home. Born in Ternopil, Ukraine she came to the United States in 1989 residing in New York City before moving to Wyckoff, NJ. Dr. Gorloff was a Dentist in New City, NY. She was a member of Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Ascension Church, Clifton. She was predeceased by her father, Yaroslav Voitovitch. She is survived by her husband, Victor Gorloff, MD; two sons, Alexander Gorloff and Matthew Gorloff, both of Wyckoff; her mother, Zinaida (nee Kalinska) Voitovitch of Wyckoff; her brother, Ivan Voitovitch of Ternopil, Ukraine; and her sister, Oksana of Kiev, Ukraine.  A recent but very active member of our Spartanskyj kurin Vera played a particularly important role in the execution of our kurin's new flag and in the execution of our Andrijivskij Vechir in Newark. As someone who did not grow up in Plast, as an adult was a role model for Plast and our Kurin.

At Batra

At Batra

Plast song

          Words: Yurii Starosolskyi

          Music: Yuriy Pyasetskyi

The tent was gray in the midnight twilight,

The forest froze, as if in black motionlessness,

Only a bright ray of fire sparkled

I showered the stars with hello.

Above the fire are young, boyish figures,

Heard in the gold of the words that flowed,

About the glory of the past, about hot dreams,

About the will that will come someday.

The cedars of the Gorgan night were heard,

And the clamor went through the valleys, the mountains,

The youth's eyes burned with zeal,

I power was born in hearts.


The fire went out, dreams were still burning,

The enchanted night ended its life,

Far in the east, the horizons turned red,

Greetings to the Sunday star.

60 years old

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