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RADA 2014

Hunter Mountain



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Rada Info

Please arrive at Talia Danysh's house on Friday between 4pm-7pm for registration and room assignments.

Hill Top Acres

156 Rice Street

Jewett, N.Y. 12444

Cell (203)249-8092

Cost: $100.00 plus $35.00 for vkladka made out to Plast Spartanky.

Please bring: towels, toiletries, snacks and beverages for Friday evening, flashlights,chairs or blankets for the vatra.

After Rada Activities

Below are links to a broad range of activities to enjoy after Rada.  The Hunter Mountain link highlights golf, zip line and the very popular October Fest.  Windham Mountain has golf, mountain biking and spa activities.  Windham  Country focuses on golf as does the Weather link.


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Council in Gunter 9-28-2014

September 28, 2014

The Radi program

Great Council 39 Kurenya UPS Spartanka
September 26-28 , 2014 , G anther , NY .


2014 Council

Program Friday , September 26 Before 7:00 a.m. Arrival / Registration 7:00 a.m. Dinner 9:00 11:00 a.m. Bonfire     


Saturday , September 27
7:00 Wake up 8:00 – 8:45 Breakfast 9:00  Opening   of the Council – Acceptance     of  Candidates  - Photo 12:00 
Lunch 1:00  Continuation and End of the Meeting




Meeting Procedures 1. Selection of the Chairman and Clerk of the Meetings 2. Voting / Approval of the Meeting Agenda 3. Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting 4. Remarks on the Reports (we remind you : the reports were sent for review before the council)   * Group - Philadelphia , New York , New Jersey   * Committee of the Initial Camp   * Committee of the Equestrian Camp   * Committee of the Council   * Committee of the VFW   * Committee of Strategic Affairs   * Committee of Relations with USP Spartans   * Committee of Ecology   * Ref. of Senior Affairs   * Ref. with _

of USP Spartans
  * Ref. Kurinnoy Main
  * Report of the Correspondence Clerk   * ​​Report of the Nomination Committee   * Report of the Clerk   * ​​Report of the Treasurer   * Report of the Referee of Candidacy   * Report of the Deputy Kurinnoy   * Report of Kurinnoy


5. Grant of absolution to Kurin Vovod
6 . Re-elections of Kurinny Provod
7 . Results of Group Re-elections (posts that were elected before the Council)
8 . Selection of New Members and Heads of Committees
9. Promotion of the Seniority Degree of female members
10. Senior Plastunki

1 1 . Miscellaneous :  
- Decisions regarding the 2015 board -
formalization of the tradition (to the charter)
- status of candidates
- noted -
use and demonstration of Shutterfly

1 2 . Closing

Senior sorority of Spartanky meets in Catskills

Ukrainian Weekly Nov 30, 2014


by Irka Sawchyn-Doll JEWETT, NY – 

The senior Plast sorority Spartanky had their annual retreat-conference on September 26-27 in the gorgeous Catskill area of Hunter, N.Y. The towns around Hunter are home to a vibrant Ukrainian community, and this year’s conference took advantage of the fact that several members have homes close to each other. The conference was centered in what was previously the Hilltop Acres Resort in Jewett, N.Y. 


The purpose of the annual conference is to review and refresh the members’ commitment to Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization, take a look at what the sorority members accomplished in the past year, and plan another year of actively supporting the goals of the parent Plast organization. Spartanky members are enthusiastic contributors to Plast, taking on leadership roles on many levels in the organization. The annual conference is an opportunity to determine where the members can best apply their efforts in the coming year. 


The weather was a blessing from heaven – almost unseasonably warm and sunny during the days. The conference started on Friday night with several recreational events. After dinner, everyone gathered for a traditional campfire. The actual campfire was enormous, the camaraderie so sweet, and the new and old skits delightfully entertaining. As always, everyone sang songs next to the blazing fire, keeping warm together as the night air cooled down. Everyone’s high spirits continued late into the night as friends caught up with each other, or became acquainted with someone new. 


The serious planning stage of the conference took place outside on Saturday, under the beautiful fall foliage. A new member, Chrystia Iwanik from Connecticut, was enthusiastically inducted into the sorority. As her introductory project she had run a fund-raiser and helped organize the conference . 


Two new candidates were welcomed to the sorority: Nadia Gluch from Connecticut and Katia Savyckyj from New Jersey. The sorority also marked the passing of one of its beloved members, Vera Gorloff, who died this year after a courageous battle with illness. 


This summer marked the 20th anniversary of the start of “Pochatkovyi Tabir” (Beginners’ Camp) at East Chatham. The camp was conceived by Spartanka Petrusia Paslawska as a one-week starter camp for 6- and 7-year- olds, to prepare them for the three-week camps for Plast cub scouts. This innovative concept has proven to be very successful, and Spartanky have organized these camps for the past 20 years. These camps were also a means for introducing young counselors to camp counseling, before taking on full camp responsibilities. This remarkable milestone was celebrated this past summer at Vovcha Tropa, the Plast campground in East Chatham, N.Y., with a barbeque and program that were very well attended. 


Plans for the coming year include continuing annual events, such as conducting testing the Physical Fitness Badge and ecology talks at Vovcha Tropa next summer. Spartanky branches are organizing a traditional St. Andrew’s Eve (Andriyivskyi Vechir) in December with older scouts, as well as caroling and coffee hours. Other events are a Christmas party for senior Plast members in New Jersey and a winter ski trip for younger scouts in early 2015 in New York. 


A new leadership board was elected: Irka Pelech Zwarych, president; Louisa Kaminska, vice-president; Vera Myskiw, treasurer; Marusia Kolodij, recording secretary; Irka Sawchyn-Doll, press secretary; Chrystia Centore, chronicler; Chrystia Iwanik and Lesia Palylyk, candidates’ directors; and Lyalya Nahnybida, flag-bearer. The new chapter leaders are: Chrystia Gnoy-Stasiuk in New Jersey, Lesia Kozicky in New York, and Halia de Vassal in Philadelphia. Planning has already begun for the next conference; it will take place the weekend of October 30, 2015, in Spring Lake, N.J. 


For further information about Spartanky, readers may contact Ms. Iwanik at

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