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RADA 2013


The Radi program

Great Council 39 Kurenya UPS Spartanka
November 1-2 , 2013 ,  Movgonk , NY.

Program of the Council of 2013 Friday , November 1

Until 7:00 Arrival / Registration _   

2:00 Passage 4:00 Baptism 7:15 Dinner 9:00 – 12:00 Informal Opening of the Council –   Social Evening     

Saturday , November 2

7:00 a.m. Get up  8:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. Breakfast 9:00 a.m. Opening of the Council - Acceptance of candidates -   Photograph 



The order of the Meetings

1. Election of the Chairman and Clerk of the Meeting
2. Voting / Approval of the Meeting Agenda
3. Approval of the Minutes from the Previous Meeting (we remind you : the minutes were sent to

for review before the council) 4. Remarks on the Reports (we remind you : the reports were sent for review before the council)   * Groups - Philadelphia , New York , New Jersey   * Committee of the Initial Camp   * Committee of the Equestrian Camp   * Committee of the Council   * Committee of the VFW   * Committee of Strategic Affairs   * Committee Relations with USP Spartanok *   Ecology Committee   * Ref. of Senior Affairs   * Ref. Communications of USP Spartanok   * Ref. Kurinnoy Main   * Report of the Correspondence Scribe   * Report of the Scribe

  * Report of the Treasurer
  * Report of the Candidacy Referee
  * Report of the Deputy Kurinnaya
  * Report of Kurinnaya

5. Granting of absolution to Kurin Provod
6. Presentation of Strategic Affairs

12:00 Lunch 12:45   Continuation and End of the Meeting 

7. Report of the Nomination Committee
  8. Chicken Wire Re-Elections
  9. Results of Group Re-Elections (posts that were filled before the Council)
10. Selection of New Members and Committee Chairs
11. Miscellaneous :   Decisions regarding the Council 2014

 Increase in the Seniority Degree of members

1 2 . Closing

Plast’s Spartanky sorority meets for annual conference

Ukrainian Weekly December 22, 2013


by Irka Sawchyn Doll NEW PALTZ, NY – 


Forty-five members of the senior Plast sorority Spartanky gathered at Mohonk Mountain House here for their annual conference and retreat. The conference, which took place on November 1-2, was organized so sorority members could relax in the gorgeous mountain setting, renew friendships, and revitalize their commitment to support Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization. The conference succeeded on all points. 


Members started to arrive on Friday and took part in resort activities such as Tai Chi or yoga classes, and spa amenities. A hike to the Sky Top Tower offered breathtaking views of the surrounding Shawangunk Mountains. This was followed by a group water aerobics class led by Xrystia Stasiuk in the glass-enclosed resort pool. The day was topped with a social evening organized by the New Jersey group of Spartanky, with a hilarious skit that poked fun at the vagaries of getting older. 


Saturday was dedicated to reviewing and planning the coming year’s work plan for the sorority. Spartanky – as a sorority, in their chapters and as individuals – are very active in contributing to the Plast youth program. This summer will mark the 20th anniversary since Spartanky initiated the very successful “Pochatkovyi Tabir” (Beginners’ Camp) program, a one-week camp designed to introduce 7-year-old cub scouts to the camping experience. Spartanky will continue to conduct testing for Plast’s physical fitness badges, as they have for almost two decades at the campground in East Chatham, N.Y. Plans are under way to organize a specialized horseback-riding camp in August. The chapters also presented their plans for the year – conducting “Andriyivskyi Vechir” and a winter ski/snowboard/ skating trip, among other events. Many individual members are active in their home branches or on camp boards. 


A new board was elected: Louisa Kaminskyj, president; Lida Chernichenko, vice-president; Vira Myskiw, treasurer; Theresa Kuritza, recording secretary; and Irka Sawchyn, press secretary. The new chapters’ leaders are: Ms. Stasiuk in New Jersey, Lesia Magun in New York/Connecticut, and Halya De Vassal in Philadelphia. Two new members, Ariadna Holynsky and Xrystia Iwanik, were accepted as candidates for membership. Everyone left the conference refreshed by the wonderful camaraderie and soothing mountain environment. To obtain more information about Spartanky, readers may contact Lesia Palylyk at

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