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RADA 2012

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Friday , October 19

       to 7:00 Arrival/Registration

       7:00 Dinner in uniform

       8:00 Opening of the Council

       8:30 Preparation for the Social Evening

       9:00 Social Evening/ Show of pictures/memories from the YMCA   

       012/Singing/Continuation of social evening

Saturday, October 20

        7:00 Getting up

        8:00 Breakfast

        9:00 Meetings

        1:00 Lunch

        2:00 Continuation and End of meetings

        4:00 Closing of the Council

RADA - next

  • Please bring two checks to rada.  One for rada $70.00.  The other for vkladka $35.00.

  • Rooms are dormitory style; all single beds, shared bathrooms, linens are provided; please bring your own toiletries.

  • Please bring snacks and wine.

  • Spartanky who have guitars, please bring them.

  • Hurtkovi- please continue getting head count and get back to us.

  • Looking forward to the UMPZ presentation.

  • Povni odnostroyi.

  • Zvity! Spartanky who still owe zvity, please send.  Thank you to those Spartanky who sent theirs in already.

  • Duzhe diakuyu!

  • SKOB!

  • Irtsia Zwarych

Oath Spartan


Spartanky sorority holds annual meeting

Ukrainian Weekly Dec 16, 2012

by Christa Kozak SLOATSBURG, N.Y. – 

A group of senior members of the Spartanky sorority of Plast gathered on October 19-20 on the picturesque grounds of St. Mary’s Villa in Sloatsburg, N.Y., for their annual meeting. Members from the New Jersey, New England, and Philadelphia chapters were present, along with some who travelled from as far away as Vermont, Washington, D.C., and Chicago. The 35 Spartanky members started their meeting with an induction ceremony of new members on Friday evening. This was followed by a social evening, with a beautiful slide show of Ukraine, prepared by the members who were lucky enough to travel to travel to Ukraine in August to participate in the Jubiliee International Plast Jamboree, which marked the 100-year anniversary of Plast Ukrainian Scouting Organization. As the projector was put away, the guitars came out and everyone enthusiastically sang Plast songs into the wee hours of the morning. The members got down to work early on Saturday morning, as there was much to be discussed. Each Spartanka is on at least one committee and has an opportunity to contribute to the work of the sorority. All of the heads of committees reported on the work accomplished in 2012. The members then finalized their project plan for the upcoming Plast year. This included once again running the ever-popular “Pochatkoviy Tabir” – a specialized one-week camp for the youngest scouts, or “novaky” (6-7-year-olds), and also leading activities to allow the older scouts, or “yunaky” (11-18-year-olds) to earn their physical fitness badge during summer camps at the Vovcha Tropa campground in East Chatham, N.Y.


Each chapter discussed its individual plans, including a winter skiing/snowboarding/skating trip and “Andriyivskyi Vechir,” among others. The focus then turned to the election of new officers. Marusia Kolodij, president; Irtsia Zwarych, vice-president; Vira Myskiw, treasurer; Theresa Kuritza, recording secretary; and Christa Kozak, press secretary; were elected to lead the Spartanky. The meeting concluded with a group photo, and best wishes for safe travels back home

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