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RADA 2011


  Minutes of the Annual Council of the 39th Kuren of the UPS  Spartanka


The Council was held on October 14-15, 2011. on Soyuzivka, Kergonkson, N.Y.

34 members were present.


The order of meetings on October 14

  1. Openings in complete layer formations.

  2. Election of the president, pl sen. Zezya Zavadivska, and the clerk, sq. Sen. Irtsua Zvarych.

  3. Voting on the order of the meeting was adopted unanimously.

  4.  Approval of the minutes from the previous council - the minutes  were sent electronically to the council with a request for review.

  5. Notes on the reports - the reports were sent to the council with a request for review.

       Hurtkovi - Philadelphia and New York - had no comments ;

       Ny Jerzi- Slava Gatala added about the activities of some members         of the circle : Natalka Seylyk-VFV, Hrystia Stasyuk-Koshova, Irka               Savchyn-Osredkova Senyorat ;

       Marta Navrotska-Torielli suggested dividing the group into 2                   groups ; also have more stairs during the year.

       The Committee of the Primary Camp - Lida Prokop - volunteered

       for a lot of work and the correct time was not submitted on the               web page : Teresa Kuritsa said that the webmaster submitted too           late on the web page. We have to advertise 2 camps and if there             were not enough children, the camps would be combined into 1             camp. Teresa noted in her report that there were 10 participants in         the 1st round, not 12. Talya Danysh - positive feedback ; Marta                 Torielli - there was a minus to finance. Every year there was a                   positive income before smoking. Some expenses were paid for the         next 3 years ahead. Marta also asked to have a smaller mace.

       Committee of the Horse Camp - there were no comments.

       Environmental Affairs - there were no comments.

       Committee of the Council - there were no comments.

       VFV Committee - there were no comments.

       Referent of Senior Affairs - there were no comments.

       Referent of Relations with USP Spartanok - there were no                         comments.

       The referent of the Chicken Property, Hrystia Kozak, was careful to           include in the report all the property we have in the chicken house,         such as stopwatches, flags, etc. and also who owns that property.           Lesya Palylyk has corner flags.

       Correspondence Writer - there were no comments.

       Treasurer's report - Irka Savchyn had 2 comments/questions : 1 .               does not see the reporting of the tax of $ 500.00 for the event of             USP   Spartanka; 2. there is also no reporting on expenses for                   consecrating the flag. Not all accounts are available yet. 

       Report of the Candidacy Referee - there were no comments.

       Deputy Kurinnaya's report - Lida Prokop had a question for Itza or           vice versa. Olenka Mishchuk from KPS responded to e-mails about         the condition of the members of our chicken coop - which were               crossed out and which were processed. There was advice to fix it             by phone from sub. Olena

       Pysar's report - there were no comments

       Kurinna's report - Irka Savchyn supports the standard for                           professional communication in the kuren.

       * Marta Torielli emphasized that the membership of our club                   consists of professional women who are actively involved in various         activities. We are very busy and do not have the time or desire to             read e-mails that are sent to the whole chicken because the matter         is not at the chicken level but refers to this committee or only a few         members. Also, Kurin should present itself to our female                           candidates as an organization that adheres to the principles of                 professional behavior, including e-mail.

       * Marusya Kolodiy added that in order to submit an ad, as, for                 example, St. Andrew's Eve.

       * Lesya Palylyk had questions about communication with                           candidates; it will be discussed on Saturday.

6. Granting the absolution to the chicken procession - everyone supported;

Irka Savchyn had reservations about the treasurer's report; Darka Patti suggested that the absolution be moved to tomorrow (Saturday) to allow for corrections. Everyone supported it.

7. Report of the nomination committee - Lesya Matiitso appealed to the current chicken team to stay for one more year and everyone agreed to it.

8. Re-election of the chicken wire - everyone voted for the current team.

9. Results of Group Re-elections-

         Philadelphia circle - Galya deVassal

         The New York group - elected members of the group for 2 years:             Vera Myskiv for the first year; Hrystya Kotlyar (NY) for the second             year

         New Jersey Circle - Ruta Lenchur ; Vera Horlof - deputy

10. Selection of New Members and Heads of Committees-

         Primary Camp - Teresa Kuritsa

         Horse Camp - Petrusia Paslavska

         Environmental Affairs - Luisa Kaminska

         Rada-Marusia Kolodiy (Philadelphia hosts)

         VFV - Natalka Seylyk and Hrystya Kotlyar (NY) co-chairs

         Referent of Senior Affairs - Anna Ortynska

         Referent of USP Spartanok - Talya Danysh

         Chicken Property - Lyal Nagnybid

         Correspondence Clerk - Zezya Zavadivska

         The treasurer is Lesya Magun

         Referent of Candidature - Lesya Palilyk

         Chronicler - Anya Tomko


*It was proposed to create a new committee: YUMPZ - Chairmen Irka Savchyn and Lesya Kozytyk

*Marta Torielli proposed to create a Strategic Planning / Marketing Committee. How to retain our youth in Plast and in Ukraine? How to encourage children to continue layer work? How can we help young people not to waste them? Petrusya Paslavska thinks that this is a famous idea, but that it contradicts what was said about the teachers' refusal to attend the Primary Camp. This is the first opportunity for those educators to be able to work with children. We immediately complain about finances. Marta agreed and said that it would be necessary to consider and discuss finances. As chicken members, how much are we willing to give on the tab to fund this. We need someone to head this committee who has experience in marketing . "Talya Danysh and Lida Prokop should encourage and work with parents so that they understand what Plast is and why it exists. Do we do it ourselves or through the KPS? We have to think, talk with other Spartan women, go to the villages and consider what is happening. Conversations would be via e-mail. Everyone voted to have such a committee. Lida Prokop agreed to be the Chairman at the beginning of that committee to start the conversation. Marta Torielli will work with Lida on that.

General note - Lida Prokop - very good idea for this year's Council that the reports were sent to the Council and everyone had the opportunity to read them in front of the Council. She advised to continue this for future Councils. Everyone supported .

Irka Savchyn, Talya Danysh, and Lesya Kozytka led the conversation at YUMPZ .

It was an information session about the YMCA. Irka volunteered to organize our presence at the UMPZ in Ukraine. How can we help in our Stanytsy. We need to encourage children and give information about YMPS; said what they were doing in Stanytsia NY. At the opening of the year, Art. platoons showed windows from the YMPS of 2002. Stairs to individual authorities; stairs with relatives; do as much "marketing" as possible. I ordered a 30-seater through Dunwoodie Travel. Terms and conditions are very flexible regarding reservations.

YUMPZ is listed as a district trial camp. There will be no special camps in the summer of 2012.

There will be 14 camps at YUMPZ. There is a great call for educators. You can go to the 1st or 2nd stage or both. During the 1st stage, there is a choice of camps.

All reports are sent through the stations and not through the KPS.

Irka will send information via e-mail ( subject line: ЮМПЗ- SP ); Information will also be posted on our Shutterfly website. Lesya provided information about traveling in Ukraine. This is not for the camps, but only for the trip for the Spartans. For those interested, there was a questionnaire to fill out and give to Lesya and she will be in touch. It is better to make reservations now because the prices are better. The flight itself to Lviv is $ 1,250.00. Make a Block .

Irka - our presence as a senior smokehouse at the UMPZ should be noted. It's a good opportunity to involve older children.

Council closed until early Saturday; 7:00 a.m. getting up; 8:00 breakfast; 9:00 a.m. continuation of group meetings with former group members; conversations on different from committees.

Saturday, October 15 - Continuation of the meeting

1. Work in groups

  * Before the council, each group prepares a work plan and presents the plan to the council for discussion and advice .

  Philadelphia - Marusia Kolodiy - planning of the Council for 2012; transfer of VFV in the station.

  New Jersey - Slava Gatala - preparation for the UMPZ; transfer of VFV to the station; St. Andrew's Eve; create a singing circle at the Center (Zezya Zavadivska leads); get a list for Christmas; go caroling to older people.

  New York - Lesya Palylyk - helping the newly restored Yonkers town; teachers are needed; relations with Ukraine to write letters to Ukraine on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Plast; use Skype on the stairs and in the Council; have a "formalized system" so that everyone can participate; Manana Pylyp - to work with the New York station on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Plast.

2. New Affairs

* N.J. circle - should it be divided into 2 circles

* Initial Camp – whether to have 2 rounds; financial affairs of the camp

* Tab

* Candidates of those who were not at the Council; can we still accept them?

* Communication; Shutterfly website

* Fundraising

* Property

* The group of N.J. - Marta Torielli - there are 35 members in the group and this is too many people to gather at houses; if we want to hold one group, then meet in the Center where there is more room. Margaret Nych suggested that we talk and decide whether to divide the circle. Everyone supported.

  • Initial Tavir - 2 cases; whether to have 2 rounds; financial affairs


It is necessary to have 2 rounds to encourage the smallest to participate; there were thoughts to advertise at the beginning of the school year; advertising on the KPS network;

to officially inform at the Congress of the CPSU (Lida Chernychenko is going as an official representative of the Kuren); also inform the village in which weeks the camps will take place; Khrystia Kozak has brochures and posters that can be hung permanently in villages; to advertise at Tabor Ptashat; use Flashdrive as a marketing tool ; The Regional Commandant of the UPN to send an e-mail message to the Hnizdovs;

  *Teresa Kuritsa initiated the case of the requirement to be an educator; Marta Torielli answered that they hired educators who had just graduated from Nov. trained; it is also a good opportunity to take those who are at universities and cannot participate in 3-week camps due to internships ; Marusya Kolodiy repeated the requirements that were from 7 years ago: 1. Nowatsky High School; 2. Children of Spartans or friends whose parents were in the Team.

*Financial affairs -    this was the first year that we were "in the red" because some things were ordered 2-3 years in advance and there were some unforeseen expenses. Every year we all had income from Boot Camp. There was a conversation about why the smoker didn't vote for a certain expense. We will vote like chickens if the expenditure is more than $ 500.00 . The treasurer conducts a conversation to vote on finances. Camp commandants must communicate with the Chairman of the Committee regarding expenses.

   *Conversation about the number of maces - the children have already submitted to the mace; opinion from (OTK) - more than 6 in the conduct of the camp (3 teams and 3 clubs), then the camp will pay extra for food.

Zezia offered an opinion:

  • The Boot Camp Committee will take the thoughts from the conversation and go back to the camp with an explanation. Write on one page about the following points: One, how many teachers to accept ( ratio) ; The second is the demands of educators; Third: finance; if we have more educators, will the chickens pay for food from the chicken cash register ?

  • Marta Torielli made a motion: The Head of the Boot Camp Committee, the commandant should communicate with her; as they want more educators to the mace than what the OTC allows us, then Teresa must contact Kurinnaya and the Treasurer at the same time and present the income we will have from the children and additional funds; the chickens have to decide whether we want to pay for the teachers' meals in order to have additional members in the club or not. Finally, the camp payment would remain as income for the chicken cash register. The point is, how do we want to use this money?

FINAL DECISION and supported-

1.    Give the committee an opportunity to write a work plan

2.    Submit thoughts on recovery and approach to the camp

3.    Circumstances; Ratios

4.    Requirements of educators

5.    Finances

6.   Fund raising



  • until now the tab was 25.00 per year (over 40 years

  • this is the only income for smoking other than Boot Camp

  • costs go up from there

  • Martha Torielli offered to pick up the tab

  • The proposed amount is $ 50.00

  • Marusya Kolodiy thanked for the flowers when her mother died, but suggested that a letter of condolence would be enough; it would be one way to exchange money for smoking.

  • Anna Ortynska submitted the idea to make light budget cuts (flowers, champagne)

  • Vote on the Sunshine Fund - everyone supported to stop it; we write letters

  • Lesya Magun handed over the report and funds for consecrating the flag; $ 1500.00 may remain in the cash register; Marta asked to let us know what our expenses are during the year

  • Marusya Kolodiy had the opinion that we should have a policy regarding donations; e.g. $ 500.00 tax for USP Spartanka;

  • We must have a minimum amount on the operating budget ; the proposed amount is $ 2000.00

  • We can do fundraising; easy to propose but hard to execute


  1. Raise tab; almost everyone supported it

  2. The amount is $ 50.00; only 12 people were behind it

A couple of times there was a vote on smaller amounts and the final amount per tab is $ 35.00 since the 2011 Council.

  • Kurin also accepts donations.

* New Candidates

Lesya Palylyk, the candidate of Lyarisa Bemko, was supposed to become a full member, but due to serious circumstances (her mother fell and broke her club) she could not come to the Council. She passed all the requirements. Lesya had an offer for her to become a full member of the circle stairs next month.

The second candidate, Ariyadna Golynska, could not come to the Council because of her new job. It can become full at the merging Council. The third, Lida Shevchyk, did not come.

There was a vote for a special small chicken council in unison to accept Lyarisa and Lida. It was accepted; Lesya Palylyk must inform Lyaris and Lida and the rest of the guys about the small council, where and when the small council will take place.

Lyalya Nagnybida-Regina Mykel really wants to become a member of our club because it is very important to her. There was a proposal for Regina to become an honorary member of our kuren and it was accepted. Natalka Seilyk and Roma Maksymovych will fix this matter.

Petrusya Paslavska had an idea to celebrate those who received promotion in the Malya Rada. Marta had the idea to do this at the next Great Council.

Zezya, it was suggested that we should meet more than once a year. We already know that we have to gather at the Small Council for Larysa Bemko and once for Regina. 



 *When something happens in the circle or in the village, Marta suggested that she be informed; she will then send an official message to the smoker. Please do not respond to the ad. (do not do “reply to all”)

* We will continue to use Shutterfly where ads, photos, etc. will be placed. 

Please send information to Anya Tomko.

* Marta asked to check the address book and let me know about the changes.


*In the report, all the property that is in the kuren should be submitted, who has it and report it to Lyala Nagnybida so that everything is on the same list.

*Anya Tomko found cookbooks.

* Lyalya had an idea for the chicken to get new Spartan shirts ( t-shirts) .

Kurin supported it; Lyalya will fix it.

*Lyala's friend used to sew a flag, and she fixed it for us very quickly and beautifully. A letter of thanks will be sent to her.

* Banner-Vira Horlof has an idea to use the flag as a banner, which was sewn by Fr. Maxim. ( recycled flag) Create a Banner Committee headed by Lyal Nagnybida, Vera Horlof and Nusya Denisyk . There was an idea to also have a vinyl all-weather banner . There are three proposals: 1. make a transparent

(Weather-proof); 2. to give the flag to Ukraine, which was sewn by Fr. Maxim; 3. to be used at the Primary Camp

Find out whether the older students will use their banner at the YMCA. If not, can we borrow it? Do we want to have our own in the property?

They voted to have their own banner .   Nusya, Vera and Lyalya will do it.


1. Council date for the following year: October 19-20, 2012. Philadelphia hosts.

  Open discussion about the Council. M istya: Whippany ; Sloatsburg ; Wolf Trail, Manor College (Philadelphia Circle)

  The idea to take other members to help, e.g. from Syracuse.

  1. Sign up for Committees - everyone must sign up for one committee 

  2. Events: Lida Prokop will present her mother's book, "Scratches on a Prison Wall" on October 29 in Ukr. Educational and Cultural Center near Philadelphia; Committee of Ecological Affairs - Ukrainian Beekeepers & Friends - meeting on November 20 in Ukr. Cultural Center in N.J.

  3. Organize something together with seniors, such as ballroom dancing as a fundraiser .

*Absolution was given to the previous chicken party. Closure of the Council in full stratum uniforms.


       signed by:

sq. Sen. Marta Navrotska Torielli, SP Kurinna

sq. Sen. Irena Peleh Zvarych, SP Pysar

Last Minute Reminders

Dear Spartanky,
We are all very excited for our upcoming rada on October 14th and 15th at Soyuzivka. This is just to remind you of certain items to bring and schedules to adhere to.
1. Full odnostrij, please check to be sure you have all the parts and pieces according to code. We need to look our best, so let's not forget those brown knee socks!!
2. Please be on time, we know how busy everyone is, but please make an effort to be at dinner in uniform by 7pm.
3. Feel free to bring beverages of choice for Friday night as well as any additional items you may want to share during our meetings Friday and Saturday. We will provide some snacks as well as water in addition to meals provided by Soyuzivka.
4. The rada working session portion will end at about 2pm on Saturday, but our flag christening and celebration will continue until 6pm
5. We suggest "festive attire" for the celebration portion of the flag christening after church. To clarify "festive attire" I would say that means either pants or skirt or dress. Party, cocktail or even wedding attire.  Anything you deem as appropriate for a celebration such as ours.  No jeans.

6. Please contact Tamara Tershakovec with your attendance/ non-attendance at either or both portions of the weekend as well as your accommodation requests and if you are bringing additional family members to our celebration. We need this information immediately to properly prepare everything. Please do not call Soyuzivka directly for your reservations.

I hope this outlines some of the details for the upcoming weekend. If you have additional questions please contact me directly.
Looking forward to seeing everyone for this very special rada and celebration!

Lesia Palylyk

Plastovij Odnostroyi

Dorohi Spartanky!


In preparation for rada, kyrinna komanda would like to remind all Spartanky of how the full Plast Odnostrij looks and give some helpful ideas on where to purchase and supplement the odnostrij.


First of all, please review the description of the Seniorskij Odnostrij:




  1. The monotone of the senior woman's plate

The same as the one-line of the older plastunka with the following inflections:

· The scarf  is of bronze color (DMC 801) or prescribed for the chicken to which it belongs.  

· Knee pads-stockings  - Senior women wear knee pads of a bronze color before entering the field, and they also wear body-colored stockings.  

   2. Honors of the senior degree

The insignia of the senior degree is worn on the left sleeve, midway between the elbow and the upper arm.

   3. How long are badges worn for different occasions?

Awards on the occasion of the Spring Festival, camps, regional meetings, etc. can be worn only for TWO years from the date of this event.

Irtsia Zwarych also sent out the following information regarding our odnostry requirements for rada. Please make

sure that you have all of the required components so that we have a true "uniform" look at rada.


"Please make sure your odnostroyi components are in place, so that we all look uniform for the Posviachennia: 

    • knee-length brown skirt

    • brown knee-highs

    • brown laced shoes

    • shlufka

    • Plast shirt

    • memory

    • whistle with white or beige rope

    • brown belt

    • keptar"


I am also attaching several documents to assist you.


As far as where to purchase, the website has a kramnytsya. This is a possible source. In addition, as far as lelijky, shnyr, whistles, etc. it may be very useful to reach out to other Spartanky that have extras and swap with them.



We hope this helps.

See you soon at rada.



Marta N. Torielli

Cell #    908-962-2219
Fax #     732-382-2241 

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