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Spartan News

Dorohi, 🍥🐟🏖🌊🐙🐠🐋🐡🐬🐳🦀⛵WONDERFUL NEWS!  🏖       Please Save the Date:Spartanky:  read more

The NJ Hurtok has the following events identified that we are communicating out to the hurtok – many are social opportunities – several are participating in support of the Ukrainian hromada.  Sharing with the kurin at large as all are welcome to participate. NJ Hurtok Identified EventsMorristown St Patrick’s Day Parade - Saturday March 11th.  Ukrainian delegation – sign up to participate via this link  March 11th Morristown St.… read more

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History and Customs

Spartan Affairs

NYC 2 bedroom Apartment for rent - to share with existing tenant 

Dorohi Spartanky,  First of all, I hope you are all well and safe. I know this is a very volatile time to be bringing up New York City. However, in the spirit of communicating something…more

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